The Ideas Partnership...


was formed by Elizabeth Gowing, Ardian Arifaj and Robert Wilton in 2009. Our Executive Director is Anemona Zeneli. She's in charge of the day-to-day management of TIP's activities and administration.


Working with partner organisations and local institutions, we're supporting the people of Kosovo as they protect their unique cultural heritage, nurture their environment, and educate a new generation of citizens.


A lot of our activity depends on our very splendid volunteers - people from Kosovo, or people just passing through who've found an excuse to stay for a while. A lot of the ideas are theirs, and a lot of the hard work. Here are some volunteers' stories - from P.E.D.A.L. and UN Volunteers (with a UNV video) - of their time with us in our Fushë Kosovë work. And there was the amazing Christie Peucker; you can read about her busy week with us on her blog 30 days 30 years.


The Ideas Partnership is always interested in new ideas and new partners.

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