Information for people interested in coming to Kosovo as volunteers


The Ideas Partnership is heavily dependent on volunteers and many of these come to Kosovo from abroad and work with us for a limited period. In general we'd ask you to commit to at least 5 days of work with us (either in a block or over a period of time) as it will take you a few days to learn about our work and for us to support your induction.


We cannot offer financial help with your travel to Kosovo or accommodation while you are here, as we prioritise all our funds for the projects, children and families we work with. However, we can offer the following information about cheap accommodation in Pristina, and as with all our volunteers we will cover the cost of any travel within Kosovo necessary for Ideas Partnership work (e.g. between our project sites in Pristina, Janjevo, Fushë Kosovë, Srbobran etc).


You may be familiar with Couchsurfing, which has been used successfully by a number of Ideas Partnership volunteers. The scheme offers you a place to stay for free in someone's home.


There are two hostels in Pristina which our volunteers have used - Hostel Velania and Hostel Pristina where you can have a bed in a shared room for 8 euros.


There might be other possibilities for you in Prishtina for free, but that's not something we can promise until the moment you're here, when we can see if someone we know can offer you a room at their place.


You can find more details about tourism in Pristina in this guide to the city and this other guide for green living in Kosovo.


We'd love to have you here!

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