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Volunteers are The Ideas Partnership.


From our beginning, we have been a volunteer organization. Most of our ideas have come from volunteers, and most of our ideas have been implemented by volunteers. Pretty much all of our actual project work is done by volunteers. Those we work with recognize this, and recognize the sincerity and commitment that it implies. Our donors feel the same, and they tell us it's one of the main reasons they support us.


You could become a TIP volunteer.


What does it take to be one? Anything. Our volunteers have included teachers, artists, musicians and environmentalists; but mainly they're people who've got a little bit of time to spare and a little voice inside making them think they'd like to do something.


Some people like working with children. Some people like working with adults. Some people like sorting stuff. Some people like writing stuff. Some people like organizing stuff. We like all of these people.


Some people can help a one-time project. Some people can contribute half an hour or an hour for a few weeks. Some people can contribute regularly to different projects. Some people have their lives changed (one person came to Kosovo to help us for two weeks and was still helping us after two years).


Whichever person you are, whether you have a year or an hour, we'd welcome your ideas and your partnership.


In return, we like to think that we offer a friendly atmosphere and some wonderfully rewarding experiences. Wherever possible, we try to help volunteers gain skills, pursue further education, or use their TIP experience to get a job - whatever they're looking for.


To give you a flavour, here are some TIP volunteers talking about what they've done with us: here's Martina, here's Giulia from UN Volunteers (plus a UNV video about the volunteering experience featuring their work with us), here's P.E.D.A.L., and here are Merlin and Rebecca, who were visiting every country in Europe and spent a day with us.


Here's a bit more information about coming to Kosovo as a volunteer.


It's easy. Just get in touch with us via, and we'll look forward to meeting you. There's no formality or bureaucracy (although we do insist that all of our volunteers understand and sign our child protection policy), no demands, no commitments, no expectations. Just possibilities.

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