Guidelines for donations


The Ideas Partnership is a small and extremely cost efficient NGO, greatly depending on the amazing support of our volunteers, friends, and partners.


In order to cover the costs of our projects, we always warmly welcome donations from individuals, businesses and organizations, both financial and in-kind.


Financial donations:


There are several ways available for sending us a financial donation:


- through our Paypal.

Paypal take a small percentage for handling donations made through them;


- through a bank transfer to The Ideas Partnership’s UK account (sort code 089299, account number : 65492860, or IBAN GB54 CPBK 08929965492860; BIC: CPBK GB22);


- through a bank transfer to The Ideas Partnership’s Kosovo account with ProCredit Bank (account number 1110 305926 0001 15; SWIFT code: MBKORS22). Note that some donors have experienced difficulty in making payments from accounts outside of Kosovo, and these may incur a charge;


- in cash if you are in Kosovo.


We will upon request provide you with a receipt for your donation.


To give you an idea of what your support could make possible :


- 12 euros covers the costs of a schoolkit for one child (schoolbag, pens, notebooks...);


- 20 euros cover the drinks and snacks for more than 100 children during our educational Saturday activities;


- 38 euros covers one week of literacy classes for up to 15 adults.


If you would like your donation to be spent on one specific area, please let us know. If not, we will use it to cover the currently most pressing needs (but don’t worry, in either case we will update you on all the good things your donation allowed us to do!).


Donations in kind:


We try to ensure that our support is sustainable, enabling beneficiaries to provide for themselves in future rather than simply giving them charity. Nevertheless, practical donations such as shoes and clothes have been very gratefully received by families in real need, although they can be cumbersome and/or expensive to bring in from abroad.


As a general rule, we always prefer to procure locally - in order to support the local economy, reduce the shipment costs and the environmental footprint. Nevertheless, we make exceptions for items that are both hard to find / expensive in Kosovo, as well as easy and economical to ship.


We have a regular need for the following items (secondhand items in good condition are very welcome):


- shoes for children aged 6-14. Please don’t give us shoes that have holes in them; the 2km walk to school is muddy and the children need shoes that will keep them dry!


- schoolbags;


- administrative, art supplies and teaching material (board markers, white A4 paper, coloured pencils);


- healthy snacks and drinks (fruit tea or fruit juice) which we serve to the 120 children who attend our centre every week;


- books for children in Albanian;


- clothes'


- essential oil for our soaps.


Feel free to contact us if you have other items that you think we could make good use of! Thank you, very much, for thinking of us.

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