What people have said about us...


Here's some coverage of the Kosovo Green Pages project with UNDP - some TV (at 2'07 and 12'40 in here and 8'40 in here) and an article from Koha, and here's UNDP on the subject.


On Fushë Kosovë


Here's a lovely blog post by the amazing Merlin and Rebecca, who were visiting literally every country in Europe and spent a day with us.


Here's an Albanian report about our Fushë Kosovë work in Koha Ditore newspaper, here's an article by the UN Mission in Kosovo, and here's a mention in The Independent.


This was us at an OSCE International Democracy Day event. And here at the UN Volunteers International Volunteering Day Share Fair.


This was International Volunteer Day 2012 with UNDP and UN Volunteers (and here's a recent article in Jeta në  Kosovë.


(If you want to see the lengths some people are prepared to go to to help, have a look at the wild men who completed an astonishing midlife kayak around Britain, raising money for TIP and for other good causes. Enormous thanks, and congratulations, and a big cup of tea to those gentlemen. Amazing people; amazing ideas.)


And for a final flavour of what we get up to, you can have a glance at our newsletters: July 2013; and January 2014.

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