38 children and a lot of space

came together for two weeks in the

Rugova Summer Programme 2010.


Working with our partners ERA and the Balkan Peace Park Project, we rehabilitated the derelict school in the lovely mountain village of Reka e Allages and used it as the base for ten days of games, lessons, activities and new experiences. The kids camped, went hiking, learned about nature and the environment and how they can damage it and how they can save it. They explored and took their own photos of their natural surroundings, they learned a little English to help them participate in the global conversation about the environment, and they devised their own micro-projects to improve it in their own villages.


Meanwhile, a group of international volunteers did some teaching and some learning of their own and, thanks to the wonderful hospitality of the village of Reka e Allages, saw for themselves the possibilities for sustainable tourism in the Rugova Valley. (Here's an article on the subject in the Kosovo press.)

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