There's a world of ideas out there


- and these are just a few that we've seen, worked with or just liked the sound of. We hope you'll find them interesting or useful.


Did you know that there's enough food for everyone, IF...? It's an important if. The Enough Food IF campaign has the answers. A related opinion: hunger is caused by a scarcity of democracy, not of food.


The last filigran makers is a Dutch article about the wonderful silver filigree craftsmen and women of Filigran Sh.P.K. in Prizren;


The Global Trans-boundary Protected Areas Network promotes biodiversity, and natural and associated cultural resources, through peaceful co-operation across borders.


Here are handy links to our campaigns to save an old Ottoman house in Prishtina (with an interview on the subject),  against plastic bags, and in support of Kosovan mineral water in Kosovo. Here's a piece on Kosovo TV about potentially destructive dredging of the White Drin river.


Here are some recent Prishtina Insight articles: on Kosovo's birdlife, on the less attractive side of flight, and on the benefit of a bit of longer-term thinking.


As you've probably gathered, we think that amongst other things Kosovo's a great place to visit. Here are some reasons why, in an interview for the Wanderlust website.


Meanwhile, you can find more about Elizabeth's work as a writer, educator and enthusiast for things natural, cultural and sustainable at her own Elizabeth Gowing site.


Oh, and here's The Ideas Partnership on facebook again.

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