New ideas and new partners


are coming together all the time.


Look out for our new Pavements are for People campaign. As you might imagine, it's a campaign to recognize that pavements are for people, and consequently to boost the safety and economy of Prishtina and places like it.


We sustain a diverse and coherent set of activities in Fushë Kosovë's Neighbourhood 29 (they have their own web-page), and are always coming up with new opportunities. On top of the continuous work, led by our Community Advocate, to support children getting to mainstream school and staying there, we're running Saturday activity sessions, art and music and dance classes, lessons for those who can't go to school, and adult english and literacy classes (read more!); we're taking disabled children to physiotherapy, we're helping women and children access the medical care they need, we're fostering new economic opportunities through micro-finance, we're overseeing the distribution of donated clothes and shoes, we're working in partnership with range of other organizations to get the community the support it needs, and we continue to lobby for central and local government to play their proper role.


We've started a really exciting project developing tourism opportunities in the lovely town of Janjevo, a place with an amazing concentration of beautiful old houses, countryside to explore, and good food to enjoy! We're also still running weekly homework classes there, helping children from all communities. COMING SOON: in April we're supporting a Real Experience day tour including Janjevo.


We continue to organize Kosovo's monthly green drinks in Prishtina: a small boost for locally-produced drinks, an informal opportunity to share some ideas with others interested in the environment, and some pretty good company (especially if you come). Green drinks are drunk on the second Thursday of each month. Here's Green Drinks Prishtina on facebook. And now we've started green drinks in Tirana too: here's Green Drinks Tirana on facebook. These are drunk on the last Thursday of each month. There's more here. Or just come and have a drink.


There are still too many plastic bags in Kosovo's fields, and not enough local products on Kosovo's shelves and restaurant tables. It's easy to ask for Kosovan water; it's easy to refuse a plastic bag for it.


You can still download the Kosovo Green Pages, a guide to green living in Kosovo. It's easy, it's free, and it's a set of really good ideas.


We continue to oversee micro-finance projects producing handmade soaps, pretty candle-jars, and environmentally-friendly, reuseable cloth bags: a little more employment for a village; a little less plastic for a country. More details through the page here, and you can have a look on facebook, too.


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